Man saves minor girl from alleged abuse
Man in Pakistan saves minor girl from alleged abuse Image Credit: YouTube

A man in Pakistan has been hailed as a hero after he chased a bike carrying a minor girl being allegedly kidnapped and sexually abused.

A widely circulated video shows a man chasing down a bike with a man and the young girl.

After stopping the bike, the man interrogates the driver as a crowd forms around the three. In the clip, the man can be heard asking the man whether he knows the girl and saying that he had been watching him for a while.

According to local media reports, the rescuer who was on his motorbike saw that the man was inappropriately touching the minor, which made him chase down the two-wheeler.

He pulled over the bike and stopped the perpetrator.

According to some reports, it was later discovered that the perpetrator was the young girl’s uncle. People who were present at the scene reportedly informed the minor’s family about the incident and called the police.

It is unclear exactly when and where the clip was taken but according to comments on a YouTube post of the video, the people are speaking Saraiki, a language usually spoken in the province of Punjab in Pakistan.

Appreciating the man’s quick action on the YouTube video post, user Blue Shore wrote: “This is [a] real hero. Please share the contact details of this person, I want to thank him.”

User Junaid Ahmed wrote: “Brother salute you.”

No reports of a police case against the accused have emerged so far.