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Security officials inspect the site after a bomb blast in Karachi on May 16, 2022, that killed one and injured nine, police said. Image Credit: AFP

Karachi: The mastermind behind the May 12 bomb blast in the busy Saddar area of Karachi has been killed in a police encounter.

The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) of Sindh Police took part in the operation to trace and bring to justice the suspect who detonated the bomb in Saddar area using a remote control device. One person was killed and 12 others were injured due to the blast in the crowded Saddar area, which is the main shopping zone of Karachi. The law-enforcement agencies conducted the raid to arrest the main suspect, Allah Dino, but he was killed in the ensuing exchange of fire.

Deputy Inspector General of Police, Syed Khurram Ali, who heads the CTD, said footage obtained from security surveillance cameras had confirmed the identity of the suspect Allah Dino, who allegedly planted the bomb.

He said that other technical evidence had also been collected, including the location of the suspect’s cellular phone, which confirmed that Dino had been present in the affected area at the time of the blast.

The official said surveillance footage showed the suspect walking for five-and-half kilometres while pushing his bicycle along before choosing the spot where to plant the bomb.

He told journalists that Dino had gone to Iran to receive training to use improvised explosive devices, especially to cause damage to the railway tracks in Sindh.

He said the suspect had received both instructions and money from his handler based in Iran for committing terrorist acts in Sindh.

Karachi’s Administrator, Barrister Murtaza Wahab, told media persons that investigators had also intercepted a telephonic conversation between Allah Dino and his handler, Asghar Shah, who is based in Iran.

He said the handler complained that Allah Dino, during the terrorist act, hadn’t used a mask to cover his face and is visible in the footage of the surveillance cameras available to the investigators.

He disclosed that Allah Dino had earlier been arrested and a case had been registered against him on charges of anti-state activities.

He lamented that Dino had been later freed as he had been granted bail by the court.

He appealed to the courts to deny the bail to the suspects involved in anti-Pakistan activities.