Hyderabad: Under the heavy rains on Wednesday night a heart-rending incident unfolded in Kukatpally, Hyderabad.

A hapless mother had to spend the night with her son’s body under the open sky as her landlord did not allow the body to be brought inside the house.

Suresh, 10 died of dengue on Wednesday evening at Nilofer Children’s Hospital.

By the time his mother Eshwaramma, along with her younger son, could bring the dead body home in Venkateshwarnagar colony it was dark and raining heavily.

The grieving woman received another shock when landlord Jagdish Gupta refused permission to bring the body inside the home saying it would be inauspicious.

“Our daughter recently got married and we can not allow a dead body inside the home,” he said.

The wailing woman sat with the body in the rain.

Moved by the plight of the mother local people arranged a tarpaulin to make a temporary shelter. They also collected donations to pay for a coffin and also the funeral.

The mother and her two young sons had been living as tenant for the last four years.

The boy was cremated on Thursday.