India: Boy saves grandmother from bull
Boy saves grandmother from bull in India Image Credit: Twitter

A video of a boy trying to save his grandmother from a bull attack in the Indian state of Haryana has gone viral online. According to local media reports, the incident took place on September 28.

The video was originally shared by an Indian news agency and then circulated extensively online. It shows the senior citizen being knocked to the ground by the bull as she is walking down an alley and the animal is seen standing over her.

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Next, the boy is seen running towards his grandmother but the bull attacks him too. However, the boy keeps trying to shield his grandmother before people living in the area hear the commotion and get out of their homes to help the two.

According to local news outlets, the incident took place in Haryana’s Mahendragarh area.

Social media users were quick to share the clip and praise the boy for his bravery.

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Tweep @bgl_chowkidar wrote: “Salute this brave little boy. The love this boy got for his grandma, is really moving. He didn't bother about his safety. Wow.”

Twitter user @ipremkumarr posted: “In Mahendrgarh, Haryana, the bull first hit the elderly woman, when the grandson came to save her, many times, her grandson were hit and injured. With great difficulty, people chased the bull and saved both their lives. My view is her grandson is a super hero and a real soldier.”