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Conversation seems no longer to be the go-to for couples if this recent report of a 40-year-old man hacking his wife to death from the district of Fatehpur in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is anything to go by.

Nisar Qureshi was apparently was visiting his in-laws with his 35-year-old wife Afsari, when an argument broke out between the two. Matters escalated and Qureshi went for her with an axe he found lying nearby. When her mother and sister tried to intervene, he attacked them too in his rage. Both were badly injured.

Hearing their screams villagers gathered and saw the man walking out with a bloodied axe. When he saw them, Qureshi realized that he had gone too far and decided to make an escape bid. But, the villagers would have none of it.

The mob descended on him and beat him to death. While Qureshi was being thrashed by the villagers, someone took a video and posted it on social media, which went viral. The police were alerted by the video and they took action.

In the video you can see men violently pounding a man lying motionless on the ground. Three people were arrested after being identified from the footage.

A postmortem has shown that Qureshi died from severe fractures and head injuries.

Apparently Qureshi’s brother Ishfaq has filed a complaint against approximately 100 people.

As per an international news website, the villagers clarified that the reason for killing him was because he “had threatened to set the village alight by blowing up the gas cylinder at his in-law’s house”.

Indian news media has reported that two more people have been arrested with relation to the case, apparently all five in custody are related to Qureshi’s wife Afsari.