Prime Minister Narendra Modi chairs a high-level meeting
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that deep fake videos should be labelled just as cigarette packets carry a warning. Image Credit: ANI

New Delhi: India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday expressed concern over misuse of Artifical Intelligence (AI) for creating deep fake videos, saying it could trigger unrest in the society, and appealed to media for running a campaign to spread awareness about it.

Addressing a Diwali Milan programme at the BJP headquarters here, the Prime Minister also cited a deep fake video of him doing garba.

"I was wondering how well it was made as I never did garba after my schooling. My loved ones are also forwarding it. This is a matter of concern," Modi added.

He said as cigarette packets carry a warning, deep fake videos should also be labelled.

Extending greetings on Diwali, Gujarati New Year and Chhath, he said, “Chhath festival has become a national event and teaches us to not only worship the rising sun but also the setting one.”

On media persons dying at an early age, he suggested that after 40, everyone should undergo regular medical check up.

Emphasising on importance of social media, he said it is facilitating verification of news at district level.

Thanking media persons for supporting the Swachch Bharat campaign, he suggested that they do programmes on the economy of small cities.