Patna: A man robbed off a unit of blood at revolver-point in Jharkhand and fled on his mobile in what the police describe as the first such incident in the eastern region.

The police have begun investigation and efforts are on to nab the man.

Police said a masked man reached a government-run hospital in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand state, on Thursday afternoon and sought a unit of blood from the officials on duty.

After hearing his request, the officials asked him about doctor’s prescription and blood group while also telling him to fill up the basic details in the hospital registers. However, the suggestion left him angry and the man in a fit of rage placed revolver on a staff’s temple and asked him to guide the room where the blood units had been stored.

Police said on reaching the room, the man opened the freezer and walked away with a unit of blood on his bike. It’s not known which group of blood he took away. According to hospital officials, the youth told him that his men had donated four units of blood earlier out of which he had taken three units but one unit was still lying with the blood bank.

“‘It’s very urgent. Please give me one unit of blood’, the man requested. When we asked for blood group details and other related documents, he whipped out a revolver and fled with one unit of blood,” a blood bank employee Gopal Baitha told the local police.

The police have identified the youth as Azad Ansari, but he remains to be out of police reach. According to the police, the accused’s family members had donated four units of blood while his wife Nasrin Khatoon was admitted to a hospital in a local hospital in November last year. At that time, he had taken three units of blood but one unit was still with the bank.

“We have identified the youth and he will be caught very soon,” a local police official Satish Kumar told the media on Friday.

The incident has caused panic among the blood bank employees. According to them, this is the first such incident of robbery of blood from any blood bank in Jharkhand.