190930 indigo
Illustrative image only Image Credit: IANS

Chennai: Minutes after takeoff, an IndiGo Chennai-Kuwait flight in wee hours of Friday made an emergency landing here following a smoke alarm.

Indigo's International flight, 6E-1751 with 163 passengers took off at 1:07 am on Friday from Chennai for Kuwait.

After takeoff, the crew got an alarm and declared a full emergency. Later, the flight landed safely in Chennai at 1:34 am.

However, on inspection, it turned out to be a false alarm.

According to a press release by the airline, "IndiGo A320 was operating Chennai-Kuwait 6E-1751. After take-off from Chennai, the pilot observed a momentary message of the smoke detector in the aft cargo compartment. As a precaution, the pilot returned to Chennai. After arrival, it was confirmed that the message was false. The aircraft will be back in operations shortly."

IndiGo made alternate arrangements for all the passengers.

The matter was reported to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and an investigation is underway.