Coronavirus India
Viral videos have been circulating online of Indians trying to battle coronavirus Image Credit: Twitter

There’s no doubt that the fear of coronavirus has spread in most parts of the world and people are taking all measures to stay away from the disease. But in India, they are taking it to the next level.

From ministers chanting “Go Corona, Go!”, putting face masks on Hindu deities to burning effigies of ‘Coronasur’ for the festival of Holi (asur in Hindi means demon), Indians are doing everything to keep the virus at bay.

Union Minister chants ‘Go Corona’

A video of India’s Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment, Ramdas Athawale, Chinese Consul General in Mumbai Tang Guocai and Buddhist monks chanting "Go corona, go corona" at a meeting has gone viral online.

According to CNN-News18, Indian English-language news television channel, the video was reportedly shot at Gateway of India on February 20 during a prayer meeting to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The clip that is being circulating online shows the officials shouting out “Corona Go!” repeatedly and has left netizens amused.

Twitter user @Goudapadacharya thought that such a metting might not be a good idea: “He is actively helping corona to spread by gathering people.”

The novel coronavirus, which first started from Wuhan city in China, has since spread around the world. In India, there are reportedly around 60 cases of coronavirus currently.

Women sing ‘Corona run away’

A group of Indian women sang a religious song during Holi (Indian festival of colours) celebration as a tactic against the virus. In the video that is circulating online, the women can be seen singing “corona bhaag jaa” (run away corona).

The video, which has gotten half a million views on Facebook alone, has become a topic of discussion online with most netizens finding it hilarious.

Effigy of 'Coronasur' burnt in Mumbai

A video from Mumbai showing a blue demon with horns and teeth being erected during Holi celebrations has gone viral. The burning of demon effigies is part of the Holi celebration to signify the destruction of evil. In the clip, people in the crowd can be seen torching the ‘demon’ down.

Traditionally, on this day, Hindus create effigies or collect hay and sticks to build a bonfire. Then the mount is burnt down to ‘burn away the evil’.

This year, the devotees chose to burn down the virus that has taken the lives of thousands around the world.

The effigy was named 'Coronasur' as 'asur' means demon in Hindi.

Priest puts face masks on deities

In Varanasi, a Hindu priest of a temple put face masks on deities and appealed to the devotees to not touch the idols to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

"Coronavirus has spread across the country. We have put a mask on Lord Vishwanath to raise awareness about coronavirus. Just like we put clothes on the idols when it is cold and put ACs or fans when it's hot, we have put masks on the deities," temple priest Krishna Anand Pandey said on Monday, according to news agency ANI.

People in India are reportedly wearing masks as they visit places of worship such as mosques and temples.

"We are urging the people not to touch the idols to prevent the spread of the virus. If people touch the idol, the virus will spread and more people will get infected," the Hindu priest was quoted as saying.