London Bridge
People reflected in a building glass, walk on the Southbank of the River Thames, with London Bridge on the background, central London. Image Credit: AFP

Ahmedabad: Kush Patel from Ahmedabad who had been pursuing his studies in the UK on a student visa since the last nine months, was found dead near the London Bridge area, with authorities suspecting suicide as circumstances surrounding his death remain suspicious.

According to law enforcement sources, Patel's disappearance had set off alarms when his friends in London reported him missing to the Wembley Police.

Based on available CCTV footage and the last traced location of his phone, authorities discovered that his phone had been located in the vicinity of London Bridge.

After a 10-day search, Patel's body was located near the London Bridge area.

Positive identification was achieved through DNA testing.

Patel had ventured to London approximately nine months ago in 2022 to pursue a Business Management course at a university.

Along the way, he encountered a series of difficulties, which seemingly culminated in the tragic end of his life.

Among these issues was a financial struggle, as he faced obstacles in paying his college fees.

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Although his family back in India intervened to rectify the situation through an education loan, this episode underscored the complexities he was grappling with.

Furthermore, his educational journey was hampered by a lack of a work permit, a critical component for his future prospects.

Despite his family's concerted efforts, including hiring a consultant and making payments, the issue of securing a work permit remained unresolved.

Compounded by the impending expiration of his visa, Patel found himself burdened by the weight of financial and career-related stress, which police believe may have contributed to his unfortunate decision.

He had remained in consistent contact with his friends and family through regular phone calls.

However, the alarming turn of events began on August 10 when he suddenly ceased communication after his last conversation with a friend.

In that final call, he had revealed that he had booked a return ticket to India, scheduled for August 20.

Concerns escalated when his friends in London, unable to locate Patel at his residence, took the initiative to report his absence to the police.

The subsequent investigation led to a phone call with his family, deepening the sense of worry.

The family's efforts to find him yielded no results, prompting them to engage with law enforcement.