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Dubai: A man who didn’t want to have potato curry for dinner, and decided to confront his wife about it, was not ready for the reaction that followed. Not only did she hurl abuses at him, she also thrashed him. The man from the Indian state of Gujarat, on Saturday, filed an official complaint alleging that his wife had beaten him up on Friday after he objected to the potato curry she had made for dinner.

He said that he is diabetic, and his doctor had advised him to avoid potatoes.

Indian Twitter users are sharing details about the incident that was reported yesterday by news websites.

The 40-year-old Ahmedabad man, Harshad Gohel, stated in his complaint that he had frequent quarrels with his wife Tara Gohel, the accused. Gohel, a daily wager, said that he had on Friday night asked Tara what she had prepared.

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She said she had cooked potato curry, which he could have with chapattis. “I objected to this and asked why she had made potato curry even when she knew it wasn’t good for my health. This did not go well with my wife and she began abusing me,” he alleged in the FIR, according to an Indian news website.

Reportedly, when the father of four daughters objected to his wife’s abuses, she went into the bathroom, rushed out with a washing bat, and beat him up. Goel began screaming for help, and other family members rushed to his rescue.

He was taken to a hospital in the city, where a fracture was detected in his right shoulder.

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While many tweeps found the woman’s reaction extreme and urged legal action, some found it funny and said the man should have cooked something for himself if he didn’t want to eat what his wife had made.

Reportedly, a medico legal case was filed at the hospital. And, the local police booked the wife for beating up the man and abusing him. An investigation is underway.