how to donate blood
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Two police personnel in the Indian state of Maharashtra's Thane district donated their blood to a 42-year-old gang rape survivor, who was admitted to a hospital, police officials told local media outlets on August 10.

According to local media reports, the woman urgently needed AB positive blood, which was not available at the hospital she was admitted to.

Police officials told media that donors were not immediately available amid fears over the coronavirus pandemic.

After doctors contacted the police, two cops, identified as Pramod Eishi and Rahul Wagh, went to the hospital and donated their blood, senior inspector Maloji Shinde was quoted as saying.

The policemen were awarded for their act, according to Indian media.

The woman was raped by five men at knife point in Bhiwandi last week, senior police officer Rajkumar Shinde told local media outlets, adding that four accused have been arrested.