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Image Credit: Pixabay

Traffic jams can be good, especially for the police. Find out why…

A kidnapped man got saved and a gang of carjackers got arrested in Delhi, India because they were stuck in a traffic jam on Friday night, according to news magazine India Today.

The gang kidnapped the victim, identified as Rijwal when he was returning home around midnight in Delhi’s Uttam Nagar area. The gang of four men arrived in an autorickshaw and waylaid his car. They then forced themselves inside the car after snatching the car keys from him.

The gang forced him to sit in the back seat and one of the members of the gang started driving. The victim was being taken towards Dwarka, in the Indian state of Gujarat.

However, they soon found themselves stuck in a traffic jam.

"The incident was reported around 2 am. The victim's brother informed the police that the four men had waylaid Rijwal's car near Janakpuri and kidnapped him. He told police that the car had the word ‘High Lander’ written on its windshield," Deputy commissioner of Police (DCP) Sharat Kumar Sinha was quoted as saying.

"A Police Control Room team then mounted a chase and spotted the car near the Uttam Nagar crossing while the driver was frantically trying to get past the traffic jam to reach the Najafgarh Road," added Sinha.

Although the gang members tried to escape on foot, one was caught by the police and the victim was rescued. The other three managed to escape.