shutterstock_103043099 Delhi Metro train station
Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Agency

Two security personnel posted at a railway station in the Indian state of Maharashtra saved a father and son after they jumped off a moving train and risked falling in the gap between them and the platform.

The two police officials have received praise on social media for their quick response that possibly saved two lives.

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In the footage from a security camera at Mumbai’s Kalyan railway station, a man is seen jumping off a moving train before losing his balance. However, the security personnel who were standing near the train saw him fall and pulled him to safety before he fell between the train and platform, which often proves to be fatal.

The man’s son, who jumped off the train right after him was also saved.

The two police personnel seen in the footage have been identified as, Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel K Sahu and Maharashtra Security Force (MSF) official Somnath Mahajan.

According to local media reports, the man and his son realised that they had boarded the wrong train and decided to jump off it. They escaped with minor injuries.

People on social media lauded the security personnel for their quick action.

Tweep @khaalid_2525 wrote: “His response time was quick like cat.”

Whereas, tweep @rahulranjanjha tagged Piyush Goyal, India’s Minister of Railways and Commerce and Industry, and suggested changes that could make the trains in India safer: “@PiyushGoyalOffc Sir, Can we formulate a close door policy for trains? This would ensure doors are closed before train departs and remains closed while running. This would need door sensors to be installed across all trains.”