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Police in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh uncovered a scam targeting nurses and promising jobs. When questioned, the leader of the gang running the scam gave an odd justification – he said that he did it  to support his five wives.

According to an India Today report, Madhya Pradesh Special Task Force (STF) busted a gang that defrauded over 50 women by promising jobs at the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) in Bhopal.

Police received a complaint about a gang duping women by promising them jobs as nurses at the government hospital.

The issue was referred to STF.

After investigation, the STF arrested the leader of the gang who has been identified as Dilshad Khan, resident of Jabalpur and Alok Kumar who is a resident of Bhopal.

Special Task Force Additional Director General (ADG) Ashok Awasthi was quoted by India today as saying, "The gang has duped over 50 women so far by promising them to be recruited as a nurse in AIIMS, Bhopal."

During interrogation, it was revealed that Khan has five wives and he started scamming people to support the expenses.

Khan further revealed that one of his 'wives' runs a private clinic in Jabalpur while the other accused Kumar's wife is a superintendent at a government girl's hostel. However, it is unclear whether these women are involved in the scam.

According to the STF, the gang targeted educated women who were in need of a job. Authorities are trying to track down the women who were duped.