Thief nabbed at station in Delhi, India
Thief nabbed at station in Delhi, India Image Credit: Screenshot from video

What you need to know:

  • Female thief takes advantage of busy station platform and steals money, jewls from unsuspecting passengers. 
  • Railway police catch her in the act. 

Dubai: If you’re travelling by the Nizamuddin train station in Delhi, you better keep an eye on your belongings.

The Railway Police Force (RPF) at the station successfully managed to nab a female thief within 24 hours of her stealing money and jewellery from passengers.

Indian broadcast channel India Today shared a video of the CCTV footage on Twitter where the female thief is identified and seen looking for unsuspecting victims.

She steals people’s belongings in a span of two days. On the first day she takes advantage of the hustle and bustle on the station platforms and manages to pocket a wallet from someone’s backpack.

On the second day, she covers her face to stay unnoticed, but is unable to dodge officers who were alerted by CCTV control staff of her intensions.

All stolen goods were recovered.

Online users praised the RPF Nixamuddin. Tweep @Rohan_opinion posted: “Impressive…Need to give praise where it's due.”

And Twitter user @sgrajanchennai posted: “Well done! RPF deserves all the praise.”