India farmer pesticide Kolkata
A farmer sprays insecticide in his corn field in Kolkata, India, February 1, 2020. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Reuters

As farmers in India continue to protest against agriculture bills, a farmer in the state of Madhya Pradesh who lost crops worth an amount equivalent to Dh4,989 got only Dh0.05 as insurance claims from the government.

According to local media reports, a large number of farmers in the state have complained about receiving inadequate compensation as crop insurance claims, with only Rs 1 (Dh0.05) having been credited to the farmer's bank account in the district of Betul.

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Indian media reported that the state government has allocated crop insurance compensation to 22,00,000 farmers.

Puranlal, who was entitled to the compensation, discovered that he received the amount after he suffered a crop loss of Rs 1,00,000 (Dh 4,989) on his two-and-a-half hectare piece of land.

Two other farmers from Betul were also reimbursed only Rs70 (Dh3.49) and Rs92 (Dh4.59) each.

A local media outlet reported that the agriculture department refused to respond to queries on the matter, but a senior officer wishing anonymity said that names of those farmers who have received less than Rs200 (Dh9.98) are being sent back to insurance companies for review. He added that the department would take up the matter with insurance companies.

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In Betul, 64,893 farmers have received a total of Rs 81,7,10,000 (Dh4,079,255) as crop insurance compensation.

However, reportedly, a large number of farmers are disappointed with the small amounts credited to their accounts and are planning to raise the issue with the state government.