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Dubai: An auto-rickshaw driver, returns Rs104,000 (Dh5,104) forgotten by a passenger in his vehicle, was appreciated and rewarded by the Telegana state police on Tuesday. The incident happened in Kalapather area of Hyderabad City in Telangana state, India, and social media users lauded him for his gesture.

A Facebook user@pratapgaur commented: "Such a deed needs to be praised, especially during these times when people are struggling to get their daily bread. Well done!"

The auto-rickshaw driver was identified to be Mohammed Habeeb, who had picked up a woman passenger from Kalapather area in Hyderabad and dropped her at Siddiamber Bazaar. He later returned to Kalapather, which was when he noticed a bag in the auto. Finding the huge sum of cash in the bag, Habeeb reached the police station and handed over the bag.

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Talking to a local news source, Habeeb said: "As there was no point searching for the passenger, it was best to approach the local police station. There were no two opinions about it."

Meanwhile, the woman reached the police station to report the missing bag and came to know that Habeeb had returned the bag by then. The officials congratulated Habeeb while the woman gave him Rs5,000 (Dh246) as a token of gratitude.

Habeeb said: "The pandemic has dealt a heavy blow on daily wagers like me. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are scared to take a ride. We are also worried about our lives. I am out on the streets throughout the day and struggling to make Rs200 (Dh10) or Rs300 (Dh15) a day, after a daily rent of Rs250 (Dh 12.27)."

Another Facebook user @Sarangrover commented: "The COVID-19 pandemic has its effects on people, but it did not stop a Hyderabadi autorickshaw driver from returning a bag full of cash to its rightful owner."

Police officials said: "The passengers forgot the bag, and the driver did not notice it. He went around searching for them and then came to us by around 4pm. The woman who lost the bag also reached the police station by then. There was no complaint. Both identified each other, and the bag full of cash was handed over."

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However, it was not the first time Habeeb found something inside his auto-rickshaw misplaced by his passengers. Several years ago he had found a bag full of clothes.

Habeeb added: "It was during Ramadan several years ago, and I had returned the bag at their house. They were very happy.”