Kolkata: Nearly a month after a passenger was dragged to his death by Kolkata metro train with his hand stuck between its sliding doors, a girl commuter on Tuesday complained that the metro train she was travelling in, started moving with her shoulder stuck outside the doors.

According to a social media post by the victim named Aatreyee Bhattacharya, the incident took place at the Park Street metro station on Tuesday morning, the very station where the previous accident had occurred.

She urged the Railway Ministry and the Kolkata Metro Authority to take necessary steps to avoid such accidents in future.

"I was going to die today, thanks to you. My shoulders were stuck on the doors, and I felt the metro starting to run. Again? metrorailwaykol how many more before you take a step?," the girl tweeted.

West Bengal's ruling Trinamool Congress has come out in girl's support and criticised the Kolkata Metro for poor maintenance.

The political outfit's official tweeter handle posted, "We are with you, Central govt should look after this. Central govt only spends money on statues, but they ignore KolkataMetro. It is time to wake up. Come on Kolkata, stand United."

The Kolkata Metro Authority has, however, claimed that no such incident has taken place as they found nothing after a thorough scrutiny of the station's CCTV footage.

"No such incident of passenger's body part being stuck out from the running train has occurred. After seeing the tweet, our team has thoroughly scrutinised the CCTV footage of the metro station, but no irregularities have been found. Also we have not recived any formal complaint from the girl," Kolkata Metro CPRO Indrani Banerjee said.

"The metro police personnel have been asked to keep a close eye on passengers trying to force their way into the rakes at the last moment and penalise them if needed, but none of the officials at the station have reported any such incident. So the complaint is baseless," she added.

On July 13, Sajal Kanjilal, a resident of Kasba area of Kolkata was killed while trying to board a Kavi Subhash-bound metro train from the Park Street metro station during busy office hours when the rake started moving with his hand stuck between two sliding doors and the body hanging outside.

After the train had moved some distance, the shouts of other passengers alerted the driver, who applied emergency brake causing the victim to fall down on the track and get electrocuted.