For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Shivamogga: After multiple efforts by his colleagues to keep monkeys, wild pigs, deer and other animals from entering the fields and destroying the crops failed, a Soraba farmer found a unique solution to stop them.

Chidananda Gowda, a farmer who owns a small tract of land in the Soraba taluk of Shivamogga, recorded his own voice along with that of barking dogs and saved it on a microchip.

He then used local loudspeakers to play the recordings on loop, which surprisingly had the desired effects.

"In our region, bison, deer, monkeys used to destroy our crops, at least 30 per cent of my crops used to get destroyed by the wild animals every year. I then brought a chip reader and recorded my own loud voice and that of barking dogs, it was then connected to speakers placed around the farm," Gowda told ANI here.

The low-cost method has other benefits too, according to Gowda as the animals have not only stopped entering his farmland but he also does not have to have encounters with the wild animals which usually result in harm to the latter.

"Many farmers resort to shooting the monkeys, it is not fair, my method saves the lives of wild animals too," he added.