A view of central Bengaluru. Officials told local media that no ground motion had been recorded. Image Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Dubai: On Wednesday a loud boom was reported from the eastern and south-eastern parts of the southern Indian city of Bengaluru but officials at the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre denied that the sound was a result of an earthquake.

GS Shrinivas Reddy, director of KSNDMC, told local media the sound could be a result of some other geological phenomenon. He said the KSNDMC and geology officials were trying to determine the nature and exact location of the boom.

One Bengaluru resident, Waseem Hasan, who works as a software engineer, told Gulf News: “I heard a loud sound like a sonic jet but it was a bit prolonged. It was not like an earthquake in that since only windows were vibrating, and not the floor.”

One KSNDMC official told local media that no ground motion had been recorded. “Our seismometers have not recorded any spike, which means an earthquake is not the source of the sound. The seismometers capture vibrations of even mild tremors.” an official said.

Some on social media speculated that the sound could have been a sonic boom created by a fighter jet on a training mission. The KSNDMC could not confirm this, saying only that they do not monitor ultrasonic activities.