#WomenInTech Speaker, Samaira Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: Ten-year-old Samira Mehta is being called a genius. While most children are focussed on homework and school, she is not only a skilled programmer, but also owns a company.

To top it all? She recently rejected a job offer from Google.

Metha set up her own company called ‘Coder Bunnyz’, a game which teaches children all the necessary concepts of computer programming.

According to reports by Indian newspapers, the US-based programmer managed to get the attention of Google and was offered a job, but rejected it.

As reported by The Times of India’s student multimedia forum: “Samaira’s father who is an engineer with Intel, already has a plan for his daughter’s company. The 10-year-old and her father conducted workshops and established a company to launch the game. Samaira even played the game with her friends so that they could point out mistakes in the game… To her surprise, she sold 1,000 boxes [of the game] in a year that is worth $35,000 (Dh129,000).”

She has won many prizes and has been a speaker at a few tech forums as well.

The website reported: “After back-to-back workshops in Google, the company extended an open offer to her but she declined the offer saying that she was happy being an entrepreneur and didn’t know if she wanted to join Google.”

In an interview, Metha said she wanted to get young children interested in coding. Her biggest inspiration has been Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook.