Plane wheel falls off Air Canada plane
A combination picture using screengrabs of a video showing an Air Canada plane wheel catching fire and falling off during takeoff in Canada Image Credit: Twitter/@TomPodolec

New Delhi: In bizarre incident, an Air Canada Express lost its wheel moments after taking off from the airport, forcing the pilot to turn back the plane.

The incident occurred on on January 3rd. Reports say the Air Canada Jazz aircraft departing Montreal-Trudeau International Airport for Bagotville lost a wheel shortly after take-off. Onboard the plane were 49 passengers and three crewmembers.

The incident was captured on video by a passenger.

The video captioned, "So, well, I'm currently on a plane that has just lost a wheel... 2020 starts pretty well."

In the footage, flames are seen coming from the wheel prior to takeoff.

One passenger comments that the wheel appears to be fine, before it promptly falls off the landing gear.

A post read, "When I first saw the news article before watching the video clip. I was wondering where the wheel landed after falling off. Luckily it fell off right after take off. Imagine a wheel of that size just falling out of the sky out of the blue."

Another user wrote, "I think you must have dropped a series of little far when you landed. Obviously no new accident on TV... I guess you're fine that's the main thing :)"

A Twitterati quoted, "It's Scarry. Never seen such incident. Inspection and maintenance failure."