Screengrab of the video that has gone viral Image Credit: Instagram/@passengershaming

Dubai: Flying first class is not always a breeze. Ask the passengers who had the unique experience on a flight where a passenger decided to shave his head.

In a video posted by popular Instagram account @passengershaming a man can be seen sitting in what looks like a first class cabin, running an electric shaver over his head. According to media reports, it was a United Airlines flight.

The Instagram caption read: “Getting ready for the weekend like...” and the first hashtag used was #personalgroomingisPERSONAL

Instagram user @derekgregoryphoto, who might have recorded the original video, wrote: “I’m not sure whether to thank you for the feature or be embarrassed or that I was on the same plane as this person.”

Another user @iosonopaulo added: “If only airplanes had WC’s ... oh, wait ... !!”

While some users like @kellyslater tried hard to give the man in question the benefit of doubt, they still found the behvaiour unacceptable: “In some type of fairness, this might be the shaver with the vacuum on it. But this [man] should have the decency to do it in the bathroom even in that case.”

Two flight attendants can be seen walking past, but do not stop the passenger as he publically grooms himself.


Other users shared their cringe-inducing experiences with co-passengers, with @dkfeybe commenting: “Ugh! I had a person next to me flossing her teeth. So gross, not to mention unsanitary. There was mouth debris flying everywhere.”

The account @passengershaming is known for posting horrifying flying experiences shared by travelers from across the world.