Norfolk: A gunman in Norfolk, Virginia, shot a passing motorist to death and killed a police officer in a shooting spree before dying in a struggle with another officer on Friday night, authorities said on Saturday.

James Brown, 29, fired randomly out of his vehicle on Friday night, striking Mark Rodriguez, 17, who died of his injuries at the scene, Norfolk Police Chief Michael Goldsmith said at a news conference. Brown kept firing randomly and police received several 911 calls, Goldsmith said.

Police found Brown’s vehicle at his house and he began firing a high-powered weapon from inside the house, striking officer Brian Jones several times, Goldsmith said. Jones, who had worked for the department for five years, died at a hospital while an off-duty officer shot by Brown is expected to fully recover, Goldsmith said.

Brown fled from the scene and crashed into another vehicle while speeding away from a pursuing police car, Goldsmith said.

After the crash, he refused to give himself up, fought and tried to disarm a police officer, Goldsmith said. The officer shot and killed Brown, he said.