ADV-Ad Astra

We often lack time to do everything, but we will always find enough time to do the most important things. In today’s world, the important things would involve our future, safety, security, and mobility. All these aspects can easily be acquired by getting a strong second passport — without a doubt. Ad Astra is one of the leading boutique citizenship and residency advisors in the Middle East. The name Ad Astra, meaning To the stars, is an inspiration to people who want something they never had, to do something they have never done before.

We offer the best solutions for HNWI’s business migration, second passport and residency requirements. Through our vision, we cater superlative consultation and advisory in citizenship and residency support with outstanding services, transparency, and smooth process worldwide. As a prominent advisor of citizenship and residency, we believe in lifestyle, freedom, opportunities and prosperity.

Ad Astra has excellence in understanding clients’ individual needs and strives to cater to citizenship across the Caribbean, Turkey, and Vanuatu and residency across Europe, the UK, US and Canada.

Our aim is to create, grow and expand a new world of happiness, progress and prosperity for our clients by bringing market-leading solutions for citizenship, residency and immigration programmes.

Ad Astra has also partnered with several well-known global real estate developers and projects to offer customised investment options for citizenship. This way, we can fulfill our commitment to exclusive tailored investment options. The world is waiting. But remember, you can’t begin to explore your possibilities until you cross the bridge of your insecurities. All you need is a second strong passport, a world to explore, and dreams to court.