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Hej världen. We are Electrolux. Born in Sweden, in 1919. For 100 years, our innovation has made everyday living easier. Now we’re looking forward, and aiming even higher. We’re a forward-thinking brand for people who want to live a richer, more effortless and sustainable life.

1912: Invented the world’s first household vacuum cleaner, LUX1

1940: Invented the world’s first food processor

2001: Invented the world’s first cleaning robot, Trill Lo BYTE

The Scandinavian design of Electrolux will help you feel the true Swedish values where they experience the design and cultivate the philosophy of life in their daily living.

Our ability to transform your home into your ideal space comes from our know-how in implementing efficiency, hygienic conditions and insights learned from experts.

What is fine dust?

Fine dust is material floating in the air that is composed of numerous complex substances. It is mostly generated by industrial facilities. These substances in a gaseous state can be turned into secondary fine dust through chemical reactions. In metropolitan areas with no industrial facilities, fine dust can account for 3/2 of the total amount of dust generated, which is a very high ratio. Even when you roast or fry meat indoors, a lot of fine dust is generated. It’s important to always pay special attention to fine dusts in your daily life.

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Fatal fine dust

Since fine dust is very small in size, it can pass through your nasal passage and eventually reach the alveolar area, located deep inside your airway. If you are exposed to fine dust for a long time, you become much more likely to develop cardiovascular or skin diseases as well as respiratory diseases including the flu, cough or bronchitis.

UAE air quality

Due to its harsh and arid climate, the UAE environment consists mostly of desert land with a long coastal line, in addition to wind currents that change daily and seasonally. These factors affect the air quality. In the UAE, we usually have high values of air quality index as a result of increasing sandstorms and formation of natural dust in the air. Therefore, it is usual to find large amounts of particulate matter suspended in the air which affect the value of air quality index.*

The Air Quality Index (AQI) is calculated according to US EPA AQI classifications. The National Ambient Air Quality Standards for UAE correspond to 100 points in the AQI table, which is the level EAD has set to protect public health.

Electrolux Air Purifier PURE A9

Smart filter: Each filter has its own unique RFID tag that can automatically detect the filter life and the replacement time, facilitating convenient filter replacement and management.

Deep and wide cylinder shaped filter: A deep and wide 360 degree cylindrical filter can suck in and purify air from any direction in an efficient way

A big filter area size

- A total area size of 4.1m^2 can guarantee a longer filter life if used in the same condition. (for 57m^2)

- Handle with human engineering design

- This handle with human engineering design can facilitate easy filter replacement.

- Deep Hepa 13

- Designed to remove 99.98 per cent of ultra-fine dust particles with sizes up to 1/8

- Hepa 13 class dust collection filter

Removes 99.98 per cent of ultra fine dust particles with up to 1/8 size. Removes bacteria and allergic materials that can cause various diseases. Removes more than 99 per cent of colon bacillus, staphylococcus aureus and legionella.

Pre filter

- Removes dust particles such as human and animal hair.

- Charcoal odor removal filter

- Removes the material that causes sick house syndrome and bad odours at home.

5 Step Air Purification System

Step 1 Pre filter used to remove large sized dust

Step 2 Hepa 13 filter used to remove 99.98 per cent of ultra fine dust with up to 1/8 size

Step 3 Removes bacteria and allergy causing materials.

Step 4 Charcoal odour removal filter to remove bad odours

Step 5 Removes the cause of sick house syndromes

The AirSurround system is designed to reach all corners of the room

With the unique AirSurround system, Pure A9 creates a powerful yet smooth spiral movement of the indoor air that efficiently circulates and cleans the air in your home. The Pure A9 purifies the air in your room within 6-8 minutes.* Room size considered to be 144 sq. ft and time calculated using JEM 1467-2015 standards

Mobile app

You can control and monitor the condition of indoor air anytime anywhere.

Electrolux Pure A9 purifier has a built-in pure sense system that can monitor indoor air quality. You can use the Pure A9 mobile app to measure changes in indoor air quality in real time.In addition to air quality index and hourly/daily records, you can see specific information about the polluting materials that were successfully removed. You can use the app to freely control the power and switch to smart, manual or sleep mode. In the App or Google store, search for Pure A9 app and install. During connection, you may be charged for data or SMS fees.

Pure sense system

Pure A9’s unique pure sense system can monitor indoor air quality in real time and automatically supply purified air everywhere.

Easy movement with a handle

Handle that makes it easy to move the system anywhere you want.

Touchscreen display

Modern sense touchscreen provides convenient touch control for ease of use.

Low noise design

Larger suction area due to the pentagon shape and high density of 2mm air holes provide low speed and high efficiency air purification, ensuring quietness at all times.

Moving wheels

Wheels allow for easy movement of the system to the living room for when your family gets together or to the kitchen when you are ready to cook

* | UAE Air Quality Index Manual |