Image Credit: Istockphoto

Dubai: Dubai police are searching for a woman who left her two sons with a family’s friend and disappeared five month ago.

Lieutenant Colonel Saeed Rashid Al Heli, director of Child and Woman Protection Department at Dubai Police, said the Australian woman, of African origin, who was having tough time after separation from her husband had left her two sons, aged 14 and 4, with a family friend for some time.

“The friend thought it was only for couple of days, but she has been missing for last five months. He contacted the Australian consulate asking for help after he couldn’t get in touch with the mother. Those two children want to be with their mother,” Lt Col Al Heli said.

The Australian consulate managed to speak with the mother who is still in the UAE at an unknown place. The consulate offered to give Australian passports to the children, who have African passports of their father’s country, and offered the mother to return to their country but she had switched off her phone since then and there was no contact with her. It is a case of children negligence as the mother abandoned them,” Lt Col Al Heli said.

Police also managed to speak with the mother once and she promised to return and solve the matter but she never did do.

Dubai Police have urged the mother to come back and solve the problem as the two children are still with the family friend.

Al Heli, said that they can’t keep both the children at Dubai Foundation for Women and Children as the elder one is above 12 years old.