20240211 abu dhabi rain
Rainfall in Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Afra Alnofeli/Gulf News

Dubai: Get ready for a wet spell in the UAE - light to moderate rain was recorded early morning today across different parts of Abu Dhabi.

Some internal areas of Dubai and Sharjah also reported light showers.

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According to the National Center of Meteorology (NCM), the country will experience unstable weather conditions and partly cloudy to cloudy with some rainy clouds formation over scattered areas of the country, starting today.

Expect rainfall of different intensities with lightning and thunder, by tonight, especially in Abu Dhabi.

The NCM has issued yellow and amber alerts due to convective clouds formation.

Weather alert - convective clouds formation in different parts of the country. Image Credit: NCM/Instagram

Early morning today, the weather bureau reported light to moderate rainfall over west of Asab, south of Bu Hasa, Mezairah in Al Dhafra region. Also, light to moderate rain was recorded in Al Madam in Sharjah, Al Hiyar and Al Shiwayb, Nahil in Al Ain, and light rain over Seih Shuaib, Abu Dhabi and moderate rain over Marqab in Dubai this morning.

According to NCM, heavy rain has been reported in Al Quaa (Al Ain).

Motorists are advised to drive slowly and carefully due to slippery roads during rainy weather.

Maximum temperature in the internal regions of the country is expected to be between 24 and 33°C. Temperatures across coastal parts of Dubai will reach highs of 26 to 30°C and 22 to 26°C over the mountains.

Moderate to strong winds are expected to cause dust and sandstorms at times, reducing horizontal visibility.

The sea will be moderate becoming rough with clouds in the Arabian Gulf and in Oman sea.

The weather forecast for the weekend says that the UAE will see cloudy skies with rainfall associated with lightning and thunder, across the country.

During a press briefing last evening,the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA), urged UAE residents to be alert and comply with safety advice issued by the authorities.