Rains in Dubai
There were scattered showers across the country late last night and early today Image Credit: D. Jacob/Gulf News Reader

Dubai: It’s going to be a cool, cool day, say forecasters even as it drizzles in some areas of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Moderate rain was reported over Mohammad Bin Zayed City, Madinat Zayed in Al Dharfa, and several areas in Al Ain. 

The National Centre of Meteorology tweeted that the outlook is mostly hazy and cloudy with a chance of rainfall, especially over the coasts and some northern and eastern areas. The winds can get rough, especially over the sea.

The UAE has seen light to moderate rain overnight. The lowest temperature recorded in the country was 9.9 degrees Celcius in Jebel Jais at 7.15am

A quick burst of rain with hail in some areas greeted UAE residents as they commuted to work and to school on Sunday morning.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said heavy rain with hail was reported over Al Ruwayyah in Dubai at around 8.13am.

The sudden downpour caught some Dubai commuters in the area by surprise. Others ran to their cars with no umbrellas, while some waited for the showers to subside.

Traffic came to a crawl in areas where water puddles formed, especially in big roundabouts. The morning rain also resulted in slippery roads. A truck was seen to have crashed onto an island near a traffic light on Manama Road.

In Fujairah, Masafi received moderate showers on Sunday morning, the same was recorded over Al Foah in Al Ain at 3am.

The wet weather is due to an extension of a surface low pressure over the country and the Arabian Peninsula, accompanied with a trough of low pressure at upper levels, NCM said.

The mercury dipped to 9.9C at 7.15am over at Jebel Jais, the lowest recorded for the day.

Temperature in Dubai is expected to range between 16C and 26C, in Abu Dhabi between 15C and 25C. The mean maximum temperature will be highest in Al Ain and Fujairah at 27C.

After the rains, fresh winds that could become strong at times could cause hazy conditions due to blown dust and sand.