Rains in Dubai
Scattered showers across the country (File photo) Image Credit: Reader picture

Dubai: It’s raining in some parts of the UAE including Dubai. A National Center of Meteorology official told Gulf News: “We are expecting light rain”.


He also confirmed: “There is no cloud seeding going on at the moment, but our teams are ready for seeding operations if there are more clouds”

UAE saw scattered rainfall and overcast skies in various areas including Sharjah and Dubai today morning. Cloudy weather is expected to continue tomorrow.

The country saw a slight drop in temperatures today and a further drop is expected, followed by cold weather on Wednesday.

Very windy weather conditions over the sea will also cause dust to blow, reducing horizontal visibility in many coastal and internal areas. Wind speed is expected to be between 30-40km/h going up to 70km/h.

It’s best to avoid beach trips in the coming days as seas along UAEs coastline are expected to be rough to very rough.