It's cooling further down in the UAE, with the temperature in Jebel Jais at 15.3 °C at 7.15am on Friday morning.

Jebel Jais, a mountain range in Ras Al Khaimah, is  adjacent to Mebreh Mountain, which also saw the mercury down to 16.6 °C at 5.30am this morning, according to UAE weathermen. At 6.30am in Raknah, it went down to 17.9 °C, while in Al Damtha town in the north-east it was 19 °C at 6.45am.

The weather for the rest of the day will be partly cloudy in the east, which may become convective in the afternoon. Humidity will increase during the night and early morning over coastal and internal areas.

On Thursday, weathermen recorded the maximum temperature in the UAE at 37.8 °C in Um Azimul at 2.45apm, and the maximum temperature at Jebel Jais at 20.7 °C.