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Smart patrol Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: The first-of-its-kind police patrol that has five high-tech cameras and a drone was launched by Sharjah Police oN Sunday, police officials said.

The smart patrol includes many modern technologies and specifications that help security personnel to manage and control security and traffic issues, they said.

Equipped with AI technology and high-tech cameras, the patrol is connected to the police operation room and it is capable of night vision and thermal vision too.

Major Ali Khalifa Qahash of the Task Forces Department at Sharjah Police and the team leader who supervises the new smart patrol, said the force seeks to provide its patrols with the latest smart technologies and solutions as part of the Sharjah Police’s strategy to keep the emirate secure. He said the national cadre had come up with this hi-tech solution to design and implement a patrol that serves in both the fields of security and traffic.

“Implementing 5G-enabled services is one of many steps taken by Sharjah Police to achieve high security standards in the city. It enables to transfer data with high speed,” Major Qahash said.

“The 5G-enabled patrol aims at reducing the response time, expedite transfer of data in the security sector, connecting a patrol camera with the highest resolution to the command room as well as facial recognition technology,” he added

He said the patrol is the first of its kind and uses ta drone attached on top and controlled by the patrol driver. It includes a loudspeaker and thermal cameras so that it is used in gatherings or accident sites to convey messages to target audience. It can fly high and to good distances to carry out tasks.

Major Qahash said one of the features of the new “smart” patrol was that it was equipped with programmes that can help identify wanted people on the street, as well as check the plates of wanted vehicles as well. They can also be used during the night hours due to the presence of thermal cameras to identify people and objects.

Major Qahash said the smart patrol was also provided with screen at the back to display instructions to educate the public. A radio system is also in place to give direct instructions to drivers to make way. Messages can be sent in several languages including Arabic, English, Urdu and Chinese.