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Dubai Police help smooth traffic flow. Picture for illustrative purposes Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan, Gulf News

Dubai: Motorists who have not committed traffic violations in Dubai since February last year can get 100 per cent discount for accumulated fines from Friday, February 7, an official told Gulf News.

Major Mohammad Ali director of call centre 901 at Dubai Police said on Thursday that the police received many calls from motorists asking whether February 6 is the last day to pay discounted fines. But this is not true as motorists can pay the discounted fines anytime after February 7, he clarified.

“The drivers who didn’t commit traffic offences in Dubai for one year can enjoy the 100 per cent discount as of Friday [February 7,2020]. People who are eligible for discount can pay it anytime,” Maj Ali told Gulf News.

When can I get 100 per cent discount on traffic fines Sonia Shah, Videographer, Ali Al Shouk, Reporter

For example, if a person has Dh1000 accumulated fines and have not committed traffic violations between February 6, 2019 and February 6, 2020, he can enjoy full waiver of accumulated fines.

“If a driver earned a discount then he can pay it after the deadline of the initiative which is Thursday, February 6 this year.”

The initiative announced last year allowed motorists to get discounts on fines incurred, provided they didn’t commit another traffic-related offence.

For instance, if three months went by without repeating a traffic offence, they would get a 25 per cent discount; 50 per cent for six months, 75 per cent for nine months and 100 per cent for 12 months.