Still from municipality video showing a cleaned rooftop as part of the drive Image Credit: Screengrab

Sharjah: Sharjah City Municipality (SCM), in cooperation with its strategic partners, has launched a campaign to clean the roofs of buildings.

The campaign aims to remove eyesores, enhance security and safety standards for buildings, and reduce pollution.

It comes in line with the SCM strategy to improve quality of life and its continuous efforts to preserve the aesthetic and civilised appearance of the emirate of Sharjah. The SCM said it always seeks to spread environmental awareness among members of society and maintain cleanliness of building rooftops and reduce poor storage that may cause safety and security risks.

Yaqoub Al Zarouni, director of the Engineering and Building Control Department at Sharjah Municipality, said the campaign covers various areas of the city and is part of an earlier wider initiative launched by the municipality in 2016 to follow up the cleanliness and maintenance of buildings.

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Dedicated team

A team was formed to list all buildings in the city’s areas to follow up on their cleanliness and maintenance with the owners. Officials then send notifications to follow up on the modification of their conditions. They take the necessary measures for noncompliance, and a timetable has been set to limit these violations.

Al Zarouni said the campaign to clean the roofs of buildings aims to enhance the security and safety aspects of buildings in the emirate, reduce environmental pollution and its dangerous health and economic impacts, spread environmental awareness among members of society, and stress the need to maintain the cleanliness of building roofs and avoid using them as storage space.

He noted that the municipality organises daily inspections and visits to monitor behaviours that negatively affect the individual, society and the general appearance of the city as a whole.