A car drove into Dubai Creek on Wednesday night
Police responded to an incident of a car driving into Dubai Creek in just four minutes on Tuesday night Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Dubai driver lost control of his vehicle and drove into Dubai Creek on Tuesday night, an official has confirmed.

Lieutenant Colonel Ali Al Naqbi, director of the Maritime Rescue Department at Dubai Police said they were alerted to the incident at 11:52PM after a car fell into Dubai Creek on Bani Yas street.

Video of police recovering vehicle that fell into Deira Creek Dubai Police

“A rescue team including divers from Dubai Police was immediately dispatched to the scene and reached the site within four minutes. They secured the driver who had already managed to break out of the sinking car and swim towards an iron ladder to climb back up to the sidewalk,” Lt. Col Al-Naqbi said.

An ambulance reached the site and treated the Asian driver who suffered minor injuries.

The car was located 130-metres away from the scene of the accident.

“The car was at 37ft deep. We lifted it out of the water using a police crane,” Lt. Col Al-Naqbi added.

However, reasons behind the accident are still unclear.

Al-Naqbi urged all motorists to be extra careful while driving and adhere to the traffic instructions to ensure their safety.