Abu Dhabi disinfects public transport. Image Credit: Twitter : @admediaoffice

Abu Dhabi: Authorities have set up a dedicated team to disinfect and sanitise Abu Dhabi's public transportation as a precautionary measure to contain the spread of coronavirus.

The Integrated Transportation Centre (ITC) has undertaken a number of precautionary measures against the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) with the aim of protecting its public transport users.

Image Credit: Twitter: @admediaoffice

In a video tweeted by Abu Dhabi Media Office, a team of professionals are seen disinfecting public transport vehicles and its facilities using eco-friendly products.

Public buses are said to be undergoing daily sterilising before and after operation and after each trip. Additionally bus stations and shelters are being sterilised every two hours on a daily basis.

All taxi vehicles too are sterilised at the beginning and end of each work shift. Drivers are provided with sanitising products in order to clean the vehicle after each trip.

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School buses were sterilised as well and will not be used until the end of the spring break. Ferries and stations too are being sterilised everyday.

The ITC said in the video that e-scooters are being sterilised every hour on a daily basis and fully sterilised after returning them to the warehouse by the end of each day.

The Customer's Happiness Centres too are being reguarly cleaned and sanitised to ensure the safety of customers.