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Abu Dhabi: Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdul Mannan Al Awar, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, urged private sector companies to make the best use of the new weekend system approved today by the UAE government for the public sector.

The minister urged private companies to amend their internal systems related to the working hours in proportion to the nature of their activities, provide employees with a stimulating work environment and support their family stability.

Al Awar added that the Federal Law by decree, which was issued for regulating work relationships, which will come to effect from February 2, 2022, will enhance the resilience of the labour market.

The law stipulates that private sector employees are entitled to a one-day paid leave at least, without specifying a certain day of the week. The off day will be determined as agreed upon by both parties in the labour contract or as per work regulations set by an establishment. The weekly days off can be increased by the organisation for which an employee works, or by a decision issued by the Cabinet.

“In addition to supporting the local labor market, the new work system will ensure the sustainability of external transactions for private sector institutions, companies and facilities. This will therefore serve the interests of investors and business owners, and will eventually leave a positive impact on workers in various economic sectors and boost their productivity overall,” the minister said.

Al Awar stressed the need for business owners to fulfill their legal obligations towards their employees by adhering to working hours, the weekly and annual leave agreed upon in the labour contracts, taking into account granting employees time-outs to perform Friday prayers in accordance with the time specified for prayer.

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