Representational image from Dubai Municipality Image Credit: Twitter/@DMunicipality

Dubai: With the onset of summer, Dubai Municipality has asked residents to take preventive measures against mosquitoes.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, the civic body released tips that can prevent breeding and spread of mosquitoes.

Apart from listing measures on “how to protect your home against mosquitoes”, the municipality also urged people to contact its Pest Control Department for its service to fight mosquitoes, if any.

“To limit the spread of these insects, follow the correct practices & procedures offered by #DubaiMunicipality, & request the pest control service via WhatsApp 800900 or Dubai Municipality’s app,” it said in the tweet.

Speaking to Gulf News, a senior pest control official said the awareness campaign aims to educate people about preventive measures against mosquitoes ahead of the long summer holidays.

“This is the time of change of weather. People should understand what they should do to avoid mosquitoes in their premises. Many people go on long holidays during summer. They should ensure that there is no water in fountains or swimming pools. They should keep it dry or else mosquitoes can breed in stagnant water,” he added.

However, the official said the municipality has not received complaints of infestation of mosquitoes in any areas of the emirate.

Top tips

• The municipality’s tips included the following:

• Get rid of water puddles around the house and stagnant water in fountains and pools

• Clear out any leaking water

• Ensure window grilles are secure and to make sure drain holes are tightly covered

• Dispose of leftover food; do not leave food unwrapped

Preventive measures like these are routinely carried out to ensure there is no spread of mosquito-borne diseases which include malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever and infections caused by Zika virus and West Nile virus.

How to seek help

Seek pest control services via DM WhatsApp 800900 or Dubai Municipality’s app