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Image Credit: Twitter/@moiuae

Abu Dhabi: The UAE Ministry of Interior officials in cooperation with Pakistani authorities have busted a drug cartel in the UAE and arrested two gang leaders – one in the UAE and the other in Pakistan, according to a statement issued by the ministry on Wednesday.

An undercover agent from the UAE ministry approached the drug dealer in the UAE and convinced him to strike a deal for drug sale. Based on the information gathered by the agent, the officials raided the hideout of the gang, arrested its head and confiscated 10kg cocaine and huge amount of cash.

Following this development, the leader of the same gang based in Pakistan made a threat on social media that he would take revenge on the UAE for his gang’s arrest.

The department combating drug at the ministry in cooperation with Pakistan authorities formed a joint team, located the gang leader, raided his hideout in Pakistan, arrested him and confiscated 6kg of cocaine. He was brought to the UAE for further legal proceedings.

The Ministry thanked the Pakistani authorities for their cooperation in busting the drug cartel.

The investigations against the gang leaders are going on, said the ministry.