Ajman Police
Ajman Police personnel. Security projects worth Dh100 million have been completed so far, with more under way, an Ajman Police official said. Image Credit: WAM

Ajman: Ajman Police recorded a drop of 10 per cent in serious crime during 2021.

Major General Sheikh Sultan bin Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Commander-in-Chief of Ajman Police, said the increasing use of surveillance cameras is helping reduce crimes such as robbery and thefts of bank customers.

Maj Gen Al Nuaimi praised the ‘Aman’ police patrols in enhancing the security and safety of the community, noting that 9,544 vehicles were impounded for violating traffic regulations.

Dh100 million projects

He added that security projects worth Dh100 million have been completed so far, with more underway — most notably the installation of smart security gates at the entrances and exits of the city of Ajman at a cost of Dh40 million.

Maj Gen Al Nuaimi said the police pay full attention to combating drug-promoting gangs and monitoring social media sites through e-patrols. As many as 40 sites promoting drugs were closed over the past two years.

The police chief said the safety rate meanwhile has risen to 98.1 per cent , and the average response time to emergency situations was 2.31 minutes, an improvement of 50.9 per cent during 2021. Moreover, the road accident fatality rate per 100,000 people was 3.22.

Ajman won 118 international and local awards in the field of police excellence and quality, in addition to obtaining 15 international standards.

“We are making great efforts to achieve more goals to ensure a 100 per cent sense of security and safety in the emirate,” Maj Gen Al Nuaimi said.

Work is also underway to implement a number of new projects, including the Shooting and Sports Club at a cost of Dh50 million. The project is expected to be completed next June, in addition to the a new building project for correctional and penal facilities.

Traffic violations

Ajman witnessed during the past year 145 serious traffic accidents, an increase of 48 per cent compared to 2020, while the number of run-over accidents reached 83, an increase of 73 per cent, and traffic accidents resulted in the death of 14 people. The total number of traffic violations reached 43,752, and the number of licenses withdrawn was 91 (a reduction by 42 per cent).

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The traffic control campaigns during the past year resulted in issuing 6,402 violations and 149 motorcycles impounded, while the number of impounded e-scooters reached 382, and 31 cases of driving without a driver’s license were registered, and 842 violations of pedestrians crossing from undesignated area were issued.