Ras Al Khaimah: A fourteen-month-old Emirati girl died in hospital on Tuesday night after choking on crisps.

Efforts to dislodge the crisps from the child’s throat failed, medical authorities confirmed.

The Emirati girl, identified as N.T.A. from Wadi Shaam district, died in Shaam Hospital.

The child swallowed one or more crisps which became stuck in her throat, causing her to suffocate, according to family members.

Medical sources said the girl’s brain was deprived of oxygen.

Despite the best efforts of emergency staff to resuscitate the girl, she could not be revived.

The parents told hospital staff that they turned their daughter upside down and slapped her back in an attempt to remove the food from her throat.

But it did not work and her face turned blue.

She was hardly breathing when they brought her to hospital.

Funeral prayer held on Tuesday at 10.15pm at Al Wa’eb Cemetery in Wadi Shaam.