Ajman: Two Emirati sisters, aged two and four, died on Sunday after they were locked accidentally in their father's car.

The incident happened in the family's residence in Ajman.

An official at Ajman Police told Gulf News that they received a call at 2.45pm reporting the incident.


Police investigation revealed that the father left his car unlocked and went to pray in the mosque. The sisters then opened the car and went inside the vehicle to play.

Police said that the car locks automatically activated, leaving the sisters unable to get out of the vehicle.

As a result, the two suffocated to death in the car. 

The father found the girls lying motionless inside the vehicle when he returned after mosque prayers. He rushed his daughers to Khalifa Hospital where they were pronounced dead on arrival, family members said.

"The child suffocated due to the high temperature inside the car,” an Ajman Police official said. Police have ruled out foul play in the incident.

The sisters, identified as H.I. and M.I., were buried at the Ajman graveyard at 8.35pm.

Ajman police urged all guardians to be careful during summer and not to leave their wards inside vehicles.

Official also urged parents not to leave their cars unlocked and to keep keys far from the reach of children.