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Abdulla Nooruddin, COO of DSD Group receives 10-year Gold Card visa from officials of GDRFA, Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Two more corporate leaders from the south Indian state of Kerala have received the UAE’s gold card visa.

Mohammed Haris. T, managing director of Al Hind Group of Companies and Abdulla Nooruddin, chief operating officer of DSD Group, are among the latest recipients of the 10-year residency visa in the UAE.

Both received the long-term visa from the officials of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai.

“This 10-year long-term residence visa is really a boon for expatriates who wish to live and work in the UAE without the need of a national sponsor,” said Haris.

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Mohammed Haris.T, managing director of Al Hind Group it Companies receives his 10 year Gold Card visa from the officials of GDRFA, Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

“It’s highly convenient and encouraging for more foreigners to engage in business in the UAE,” said Haris whose group of companies covers travel and tourism, cargo, transport, real estate, foreign exchange, attestation services etc.

Abdulla stated that the 10-year visa is an encouragement from the UAE government for the efforts to boost the business and economy.

“Here in the UAE, we have the entire infrastructure to form a business with necessary support from the government and the UAE nationals. So, I urge youngsters to come forward and make a base in Dubai,” he added.

A Dubai resident for 28 years, Abdulla is at the helm of a group that is diverse in business like airport services, real estate, engineering consultancy, hospitality services, and food and beverage sector.

Gold card holders enjoy unprecedented benefits, including obtaining a residence permit for the person and his family (wife and children) without the need for a guarantor in the country. It also provides investors with the ability to sponsor up to three support workers and obtain a residence permit for one of his major employees (consultant or executive director) with his family members.

These visas will be renewed automatically if the conditions for eligibility continue to be met.