Dubai: Two Asian men were arrested after they shared a video showing one of them throwing thousands of dirhams notes under his feet inside a car and stepped on them while encouraged by the second man who was driving, Dubai police said on Thursday.

Colonel Faisal Al Qasim, Director of Security Media Department at Dubai police, said that the video went viral on social media after the two men, in their 20s, shared the video for show off in front of their followers.

“Both were arrested and referred to Dubai Public Prosecution to take necessary action against them. They admitted recording the video for flaunting purposes. It was an offensive video,” Colonel Al Qasim said.

The Asian pair, shared the video on social media before it went viral for many people which provoked them of the offensive of putting the money under their feet.

“The video caused bad reactions among the society so we decided to take an action. Dubai police cyber-patrols identified the two suspects and then both were arrested for their non-responsible behavior.”

Col Al Qasim urged society to be careful while using social media platforms and to avoid making offensive videos as such actions are punishable by UAE Cyber-Crime Law.