CCTV abu dhabi accident
Abu Dhabi Police released CCTV of how distracted driving causes traffic accidents. Image Credit: Screengrab

Abu Dhabi: Using the mobile phone can be more distracting than you think. One motorist in Abu Dhabi learnt the lesson the hard way after crashing into a road median in Abu Dhabi.

On Thursday, Abu Dhabi Police released CCTV footage of a traffic accident caused by distracted driving.

In the video, viewers can see the motorist driving his black SUV on a busy highway. The driver then loses control of the steering wheel and swerves to the right lane, towards the road junction, and crashes into the road sign. The vehicle then spins out of control, and hurls towards oncoming traffic, as the car is steered towards the far left lane.

Social media users in the UAE were appalled to see the traffic accident unfold, and due to the gravity of the driver’s recklessness, wondered if distracted driving was the only culprit.

@jadi_jr said: “He may have been sleeping or had other health problems,” while @momehds said: “He must have certainly fainted or came down with a low level of sugar in his blood. By God’s grace, he stayed safe.”