Dubai: A driver’s ability to recognise and manage risks on roads will be tested through a new test introduced by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) as part of a driver’s training curriculum.

The test, which covers all driving categories of light vehicles, heavy trucks, heavy buses and motorbikes, will be conducted alongside the Theoretical Knowledge Test.

Aimed at raising traffic awareness and improving road safety, candidates will undergo training on the risk factors on roads during the eight mandatory lectures, before taking the test.

“RTA is keen on adopting advanced training modules with the aim of instilling high driving skills in driving trainees, promoting safety and minimising traffic accidents. The Risks Recognition Test is implemented in all advanced countries that boast high levels of traffic awareness and safety, and we have felt that it is necessary to introduce it in Dubai in line with its drive for excellence,” said Ahmad Behroozian, Executive Director of RTA’s Licensing Agency.

He added that initially the test will be available in Arabic, English and Urdu, with additional languages like Chinese, Persian, Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, Russian and Tamil to be available from September.

More than 200,000 people appear for the Knowledge Test every year.

“The Risks Recognition Test has been designed by a company specialised in developing hi-tech 3D drawings relating to traffic safety. It contains five videos added to the existing automated Knowledge Test per student, which are automatically selected from an online question bank. Each video lasts about 25 seconds and depicts specific environmental conditions and a set of unique associated road risks and the test explores how the driver can cope with them,” Behroozian added.

Some of the conditions that will be portrayed in the videos are driving in rainy weather, highways, school zones, desert areas, densely populated or market areas with high pedestrian traffic, residential areas, and night driving.

“The training on the risks recognition is one of the key aspects that contribute to enhancing the traffic awareness of driving trainees on how to cope with different road conditions, and empowering them to better assess all risks after obtaining their driving licences. The prime objective is to graduate drivers with a high sense of safety, traffic awareness and skills in order to reduce traffic accidents on Dubai roads,” Behroozian said.