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The unified control centre is a quantum leap in the management of traffic and movement in Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The World Congress of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS World Congress) will be held in Dubai in 2024, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said on Saturday.

This is the first time that the event will be held in the region since it was launched in 1994. RTA will be hosting the event following its nomination by ITS Europe, an organisation to which RTA has recently been affiliated. The congress is supported by ITS Europe, ITS America, and ITS Asia-Pacific.

Mattar Mohammad Al Tayer, Director-General, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, RTA, expressed his delight with the hosting of the 30th edition in Dubai, especially as it will be held for the first time outside the regions of Europe, North America, Australia and East Asia. “Hosting the ITS World Congress 2024 in Dubai underscores the rising global standing of the emirate in the field of ITS, the confidence of such reputed entities in the role of Dubai, and the ability of the city to stage successful global events. The Congress is widely regarded as the top global gathering of ITS and digital solutions of traffic, roads and transportation,” said Al Tayer.

Dubai’s driverless mobility

Mattar Mohammad Al Tayer

“RTA is keen to keep abreast of the government’s future directions of transforming Dubai into a smart, innovative and sustainable city that uses cutting-edge telecommunication and digital technologies. In this regard, RTA is proceeding ahead with the Dubai Smart Self-Driving Transport Strategy aimed at converting 25 per cent of total mobility journeys in Dubai to smart self-driving journeys by 2030,” Al Tayer added.

RTA is cooperating with leading technology firms worldwide in carrying out tests on various types of vehicles, autonomous mobility means, and future mobility means. RTA held the first edition of Dubai World Congress and Challenge for Self-Driving Transport bringing together senior officials, researchers, experts, specialists, scholars, policymakers and developers of autonomous transport technologies.

New smart traffic centre

RTA recently inaugurated the Dubai Intelligent Traffic Systems Centre, one of the biggest and most sophisticated traffic control centres worldwide in terms of modern technologies used, Al Tayer said. The centre will expand the intelligent traffic systems coverage of the city’s main roads from the current 11 per cent to 60 per cent. Furthermore, it will cut the time of monitoring incidents, predicting congestions, and making a quick response.

RTA recently inaugurated the Dubai Intelligent Traffic Systems Centre, one of the biggest and most sophisticated traffic control centres worldwide. Image Credit: Supplied

“The prestige of organising the World ITS Congress in Dubai is a further endorsement that we are moving on the right direction towards delivering on the ambitious vision of the Government to build the renaissance, well-being and the global image of Dubai. RTA is keen to make every endeavour to be a key and interactive contributor to the drive Towards the Next 50,” added Al Tayer.

RTA is currently coordinating with the ITS Europe in finalising the signing of the host agreement with Dubai Tourism and the Dubai World Trade Centre.