Abu Dhabi Police have urged motorists to drive carefully during the fog. Image Credit: WAM

Abu Dhabi: Motorists must drive carefully during the fog, the Abu Dhabi Police urged on Sunday.

The call came after a series of winter mornings were engulfed by fog, lowering visibility on the emirate’s roads. In response, the Police has regularly reduced speed limits during morning hours on the emirate’s highways.

Reduced speed limit

“During periods of fog, the maximum speed on Abu Dhabi roads is reduced to 80 kilometres per hours, and motorists are urged to commit to this limit for their own safety and that of other road users,” the Police urged.

As part of its new system, the Police has also been sending out emergency alerts to motorists. “Dense fog. Speed limit is 80 kilometres per hour. Please exercise caution,” the alert reads.

Safety tips
* Check on weather conditions before starting your commute.
* Lower your speed.
* Maintain adequate distance from surrounding vehicles.
* Use your wipers to keep the windshield clear.
* Turn on headlights to improve horizontal visibility.
* Periodically perform vehicle maintenance, and check on your brakes and tyres.
* Pay attention to variable road signs for adjusted speed limits.
* Avoid using hand-held devices while driving.

At the same time, variable road signs also alert motorists about fog hazards. Abu Dhabi Police has also released a social media post that detailed safe driving measures during the fog.