A vehicle plate blocked by a cycle. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Police have fined around 4,200 drivers in the first six months of this year for “blocking the view of their vehicle licence plate.”

In a video shared by Abu Dhabi Police on social media on Tuesday, plate numbers were covered because of mounted bicycles and loads on the rear. The Abu Dhabi Police reiterated that blocking the visibility of the number plate carries a fine of Dh400 under Article No. 27 (b) of Ministerial Resolution No. 178 of 2017, which oversees traffic control rules and procedures across the UAE.

Back in December last year, Abu Dhabi Police launched an initiative advising motorists to place an additional on the base of the bicycle rack or rear trolley to avoid blocking the vehicle plate.

Authorities underlined vehicle plate numbers should always be visible to monitor and ensure road safety.

Dubai initiative

Earlier in September last year, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) launched an initiative to have an additional number plate for bike racks mounted at the back of vehicles to avoid blocking the visibility of vehicle licence number.

Jamal Al Sadah, director of vehicles licensing at RTA’s Licensing Agency, had said: “The initiative was in line with the top international practices adopted by the RTA to encourage the public to use bicycles which fits well with the initiative to transform Dubai into a bicycle-friendly city and for the Emirate to be within the world’s best bicycle-friendly cities. The initiative was launched in response to feedback and proposals made by the public, which underscores the commitment of motorists to comply with the driving and traffic safety laws in the UAE.”

How to get extra number plate in Abu Dhabi?

The additional number plate can only be done at Abu Dhabi Police station service centres. First, pass the technical examination; then pay the prescribed fee.

How to get additional number plate in Dubai?

This service is entirely online and enables motorists to apply for a plate number for a mounted bicycle rack, blocking the view of the rear plate. The cost for issuing an additional plate number is Dhs35 but may be higher if you have a special number plate.